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The Company

4CO Films

As a small child with a vivid imagination, I would often "protect myself" with an invisible force field

(or as I pronounced it:"four-cee-oh").


I created 4CO Films in 2021 to reconnect with my childhood self, return to my documentary roots, and begin telling stories that mattered to me.


Kids in a wagon by the house.jpg
“This charming love letter to a mother – disguised as a superb documentary film – lifts our hearts like a pan-full of dough.”

Nickel independent film festival

in development

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under my skin

Toronto studio, Black Widow, is taking a mindful approach to business and giving back to the community by providing tattoos free-of-charge to those seeking coverage for self-injury scarring.

TV Docu-Series.

Little Feet Poster.png

little feet

The inspiring story of Heather Williams, a Canadian dancer whose life was forever changed when she suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2001. Based on the memoir of the same name.

Short documentary.

BALD Teaser Poster.png


An exploration of what it feels like as a bald entertainer moving beyond the "bald joke," and the Hollywood beauty standard fueling the multi-billion dollar

hair transplant industry.

Feature length documentary.

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